Eco-Solution Networking Fair

LEAD-AWA SEPT 2010 ECO-SOLUTIONS NETWORKING FAIR Owing to the increasing pressures on natural resources by a growing population, and the need to develop Nigeria as a nation, LEAD-AWA projected a strong message , on strategies to resolve the looming tension between development and environment, by organizing a self-financing, cost-recovered, Eco-Solutions Networking Fair on the 18th of September 2010. It was aimed to showcase opportunities in, and advocate for viable, sustainable alternatives, indicated by the emergence of a growing new market of credible eco-solutions. The Fair was attended by over 150 guests including over 70 LEAD-AWA Fellows. Guests and exhibitors were drawn from among corporates, governments, the media, academia, Ministry of Environment & its agencies, and other organizations. See for more information on the Fair. The Fair created new outreaches for LEAD-AWA among different stakeholders. LEAD AWA took initiative to create a positive networking platform to build its profile and visibility among stakeholders –corporates, government, international partners, NGOs, media etc. The event was aimed at making LEAD-AWA, a multi-disciplinary civil society organization, become the neutral steering platform to galvanize momentum among stakeholders, to transform research to policy and action, as well as project opportunities in economic activities as eco-solutions. It presented solutions; packaged and presented in a new way as viable products/services, ecologically responsive, and sought by a growing segment of informed consumers sought as first options, to build sustainable livelihoods. Sample eco-solutions that were showcased included teleconferencing products/services that reduced carbon footprints, waste to wealth processes, sustainable efficient energy models in bio-gas, and alternative fuel efficient stoves usable among rural communities. Institutions which exhibited and supported the Fair include Heineken –Nigerian Breweries Plc, Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Lagos State Ministry of the Environment, First Bank Securities, and LEADWAY Assurance, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency. The high light was the award of the LEAD-AWA Leadership for Sustainable Development Award to the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola (SAN), on behalf of Lagos State, for the phenomenal social and environmental transformation of the state, now making it the cleanest state in the country. The Fair exposed LEAD-AWA to the numerous possibilities of opportunities and stakeholders that are being leveraged through fostering unique collaborations and engagements. It also featured Cohorts 1-15 of the LEAD AWA network and their areas of interventions, represented across all sectors, working in tandem with manufacturers, producers and consumers to provide sustainable goods and services.