Fellows and Members

Our LEAD Fellows are all graduates of the LEAD Fellows Training Program.
Our growing global network includes both individual and organizational members. Individual members are highly skilled professionals tackling urgent social,
economic and environmental issues at various levels in all parts of the world. This formidable group is affecting change in local communities, and also regionally and globally.

They continually communicate with each other, meet and embark on joint projects, undertake professional exchanges, take part in international negotiations and form a support
network of peers that is online and available any time of the day.
LEAD Fellows today are mayors, members of parliament, heads of corporations, LEADers of non-governmental organizations, ministers, newspaper editors and TV producers, scientists and global citizens.

Search the LEAD Network for practitioners in sustainable development from a database of members in 90 countries worldwide. Members include 1800 LEAD
Fellows, trained in Leadership for sustainability, and the international and national LEAD management staff.
The database also includes experts who are a part of LEAD's global training faculty. This is a unique multi-sectoral and multicultural people network active in business, government, media, NGOs and academia.