LEAD Africa Fellowship Program

The Program

LEAD-Nigeria is extending the LEAD Africa Fellowship Program to other English speaking West African countries – Ghana, S/Leone, Liberia, and The Gambia. The cohort training program is of one year duration.
From each country, 15-20 emerging LEADers from different walks of life will be recruited for the training and will be trained for 24 days spread over a 12 month duration. The training program will focus on developing a sound knowledge base on the most pressing environmentally issues and their causes and work to develop skills for sound environmental governance processes. It consists of a careful selection of conceptual inputs and field-based learning. The skill building process will consist of developing expertise in Team Building, Leadership Development, Cross-cultural Communication, Systems Thinking, Negotiation & Problem Solving Skills, Stakeholder Engagement and Consensus Building all of which promote sustainable development.

The Learning Objective

1. To develop critical awareness towards issues related to Environmental Governance and appreciating the broader context of different stakeholders.

2. To sensitize LEAD associates on water governance, forest governance and corporate social responsibility and expose them to a critical process of multi stakeholder engagement and to develop the capacity to draw up a framework of consensus building.

3. To raise sensitivity of the participants on group processes and group dynamics and sharpen skills in inter-group processes, group facilitation, problem solving and decision making, conflict resolution and Leadership development.

4. To create opportunity for networking and alliance building for sustainable development and introducing Associates to the global LEAD Fellows network (LEADnet).