What We Do

Training and Capacity Building

LEAD Awa member programs main activity is the delivery of training and capacity building to individuals and organizations through targeted
skills and learning programs. This serves to build their understanding and commitment to sustainable development and their capacity to work for positive change in their various fields.

We do this primarily through:

  • The prestigious LEAD Fellowship Training Programs - Short learning and training courses on various sustainable development issues
  • Bespoke learning for community and civil society groups, and public and private sector organization

At the regional level LEAD AWA works with strategic regional bodies such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
At the national level LEAD AWA works with government and national bodies such as parliaments, local and district authorities, civil society groups, and community groups.
Key multi-lateral agencies operating in Africa such as UNESCO, UNDP and UNEP - Key bi-lateral agencies operating in Africa such as the UK Department for
International Development, Foreign and Common Wealth Office and the Canadian International Development Agency.